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My Process

1. Book your session

Once you’ve decided which package you’d like, simply fill out this form to book your session and I’ll be in touch within one business day.

2. In-person consultation

Once you book your session, I love to set up an in-person consultation to meet you and your pup to see firsthand the special bond you both share and your dog’s unique personality. We will also discuss your desired location, types of images you’d like, and most importantly, how you plan to display your images. This helps me ensure I capture the types of images that will be eye-catching for the mediums you plan to display them on.

3. Photo session time!

This is the exciting part—the day of your photo shoot! We’ll meet at the agreed-upon time and place for our fun, memorable photo session. Remember, no matter your pup’s age, training level or personality, I’ll always make it work to ensure a beautiful final product.

4. Photo preview

Before you know it, in just 2 weeks after your photo session, it will be time for me to reveal your heartwarming image proofs we have created. You will choose your favorites images from online gallery.

5. Production process

I will professionally edit your images you have selected. If your package includes an album or you have chosen any wall art I will move your selected images into production, ensuring your products you may have ordered are created with love and fine attention to detail. I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if your expectations are not met, I will absolutely re-shoot your session at no cost to you.

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Here are some additional FAQs about what it’s like to work together!
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