Last month I had the chance to photograph the sweet rescue dogs at the Paw Prints in the Sand pet adoption event at Petco in Brea. Paw Prints in the Sand Animal Rescue is located in Newport Beach, CA.

All ages of pups from puppies to senior dogs were there to meet and greet perspective dog parents and just to say “Hi”. Cats where also there to join in on the fun.

Adoption of a Dog Is Such a Selfless Act

To invite a dog into your family with open arms and paws. I think misconception of rescue dogs is they have behavioral issues and that is why they are up for adoption. This is not the always the case at all. After spending time with these pups they all have stories of why they are looking for their chance to be with a loving family.

The Foster families Are Also so Important

These families who often have dogs of their own take some of these pups who have had some really rough times and give them love and safe place to rest while waiting for the right family to come along.

Photographing these dogs and showcasing their unique personalities truly made my day well and a whole day of petting playing with dogs did too!

These were two of the adorable puppies that were already adopted and now with their forever families.


Ray Charles


Tank, Ray Charles, and Cassia are three pups that are still looking for their forever families.  Click on this link to check out their complete bios.

How to Support Paw Prints in the Sand

The people that work and make up Paw Prints in the Sand work hard to help these little guys find the love and families they so deserve. You can donate to their organization at their website

I am a proud to be a Hearts Speak artist and happily donate my time to photograph pups being fostered and for adoption with several different organizations.