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Maternity Dog Photography Session in Yorba Linda | Too The Dogs Photography

I was recently hired for a very special photo session with Joules, a two-year-old Belgian Malinois and momma to be.

We chose Yorba Linda Regional Park as the location for the session which provided a very scenic backdrop for Joule’s maternity shoot. You would have never known Joules was pregnant with a litter of puppies with her calm demeanor.

Dog moms play such an important role in helping their expectant moms through this special time. The bond between Joules and her mom was so touching to watch.
I chose the colors of her tulle flower wreath to compliment the color of Joule’s fur. It’s small touches like this that really help these images to stand out!
Here’s Joules having a thoughtful moment in the park.
Here’s Joules posing for another beautiful photo. Her baby bump was not very big so would have never known that one week later she would deliver nine healthy gorgeous puppies!
Are you a dog parent living in Yorba Linda or surrounding areas who would like to learn more about my dog photography services?
If yes, you can use the button below to complete a short contact form, or feel free to give me a call at (714) 745-2712.
I will be happy to answer all of your questions!

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