Fuzz to Fur

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If you are thinking of or just brought home a little bundle fur…this program is for you!

It is a unique opportunity to catch those once in a lifetime memories of your puppy over the first year of their lives.

How fun will that be?

This package includes –

  • 4 individual mini photo sessions starting from day or week you bring your fur baby home, 3 mos, 6 mos and at 1 year this allows you to forever keep the memories of your puppy
  • One 15-30 minute mini session for each stage of their puppyhood
  • 5 images professionally edited from each mini session(printable to 8 x 10)
  • When your puppy turns 1 and you will not believe how fast that will happen!  Your last Fuzz to Fur session will include a cake smash….yummy!

A perfect way to display all your Fuzz to Fur images is in beautiful custom album.  You will always cherish trust me and I speak from experience.

Hurry click here  to start your mini sessions before your puppy turns into a teenager and starts asking for the keys to the car.

 Products or prints are purchased separately. There is no minimum purchase for this program.

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