How Do You Know Your Week Is Going to Be Amazing?

When Google … yes actual employees at Google email you and ask you to be their dog photographer for their Take Your Dog to Work event!

After reading the invitation, I turned to Emma, my Labradoodle (and trusty assistant) and said “can you believe that?” She immediately suggested we celebrate with a round of her favorite dog bones.

I Mean Who Wouldn’t Want That Dream Photo Assignment!

A marmalade orange backdrop seemed like a perfect choice to match the fun people and pups at Google. Bow ties, pretty collars, and even some pearls for the pups to dress up with were on hand.

I got to meet so many cute dogs – there was everything from tiny little Chihuahuas to big Labradors.  I had so much fun capturing their personalities and smiles.

Dogs are so much like people in that some are very camera shy and others can walk the runway with no problems. Some overzealous  and excited pups took out the backdrop more than once, but I was able to reset it in a jiffy and we ready to go – lights, camera, squeaker and action!

I was at Google for over seven hours taking fun photos of cute dogs – that is like seven minutes in dog time and it flew by so quick.

pictures of Google employee dogs taken at the Google Irvine
image of a Black Labrador Retriever posing for a photo

Black Labs are sweet and thoughtful dogs.  The expression on this guy shows he is smart and alert. He jumped right up and posed like a super model.

image of a beautiful Border Collie posing for a photo

This beauty of a Border Collie came dressed for her photo shoot. I just loved her flower necklace. Her Dad was just beaming and so proud of her. So incredibly sweet.

I brought yummy all-natural cookies from the Naked Bistro in Laguna Beach for my little clients. There were a few left over and Emma was more than delighted to help unpack those when I got home.

picture of a box of dog cookies from the Naked Dog Bistro in Laguna Beach