My Journey to being a Dog Mom & dog photographer…

When I was just a young girl I would always ask if we could get a puppy.  Somehow I just knew that a puppy would be my best friend and I would love it with all my heart. We moved a lot so the timing was never quite right so I was never able to have puppy when I was young.

It was not until I was 22 and I had a boyfriend that asked sweetly on our 6 month dating anniversary what I wanted for a present and without hesitation I squealed with excitement “I want a puppy!!!”.  He looked at me like I meant what kind of flowers or chocolates then he laughed and said “Okay a puppy it is”. In case you are wondering I married that man.

Without any hesitation I knew exactly what type of dog I wanted and what her name would be already. I wanted a baby girl Sheltie and her name would be Ginger. The very next weekend we went to “look”.  She was the tiniest puppy there and when I sat down she promptly she crawled into my lap and said “Yep, I choose you!” I looked into her curious big brown eyes and she had so much to love to give I fell instantly head over heels for her too.

My dogs have always been my babies and taking caring of each and every one of them has filled my soul with such love and somehow has completed me in ways I have would have never expected or imagined.

I would go on to have 5 more sweet Shelties and then a gorgeous Collie that we adopted. She was an unbelievable dog. She was 8 when we adopted her and she was the gentlest dog and together her and I became a therapy duo and visited assisted living homes, read to children and even got visit a few hospitals.  Her smile was infectious and everyone loved her.

Today I have one lovable Doodle named Emma and she is my best friend. She knows when I am sad, happy or just need to cuddle. I could never imagine my home without such love from a dog.

I am proud dog mom and would not have it any other way.

My love of photography started in high school when people actually used real live film. I have photographed everything from the amazing Italian scenery to Glacier Mountains.

My love for dogs and photography is why Too The Dogs Photography began.

Choose me as your dog photographer
if you want..

A PHOTOGRAPHER that exclusively photographs dogs.

I photograph puppies, active young pups to your beloved mature dog. I have photographed pups that were blind and deaf. I have successfully trained all my pups and understand the behavior of dogs and I am extremely patient when working with your dog. Every dog is different in personality and I enjoy and love working with them all.

A PHOTOGRAPHER that uses only professional camera equipment.

I have used Nikon for over 30 years and have extensive selection of the latest lenses and camera bodies to capture the perfect image. I use Lightroom and Photoshop for editing or your images. I continue to attend the latest workshops to push and learn current techniques of editing and photography techniques.

A PHOTOGRAPHER that is a perfectionist.

I will ensure you get the best selection of images to choose from and edit each image until they are perfect. This includes removing all leashes and tags from final images chosen. We will work together to choose the images best suited to the products you select. Designing and creating your stunning artwork is absolutely the most awesome part of my job.

An experienced PHOTOGRAPHER that has ability to marry the scenery, location and colors.

Anyone can take a “good” photo of your dog. The talent lies in using the location, textures, color and lighting with your dog’s personality  to compose a spectacular image.  This is my talent and I will use it all to make your images everything you are expecting and more. Images that you will proudly display in your home or where ever else you want your pup smiling at you.