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From Dog Mom to Dog Photographer

When I was just a young girl I would always ask if we could get a puppy.  Somehow I just knew that a puppy would be my best friend and I would love it with all my heart. The timing was never quite right so I was never able to have puppy when I was young.
It was not until I was 22 and I had a boyfriend that asked sweetly on our 6 month dating anniversary what I wanted for a present and without hesitation I squealed with excitement “I want a puppy!!!”.  He looked at me like I meant what kind of flowers or chocolates then he laughed and said “Okay a puppy it is”. In case you are wondering I married that man.  I knew I wanted a Shetlie and her name would be Ginger.
My dogs have always been my babies and taking caring of each and every one of them has filled my soul with such love and somehow has completed me in ways I have would have never expected or imagined.
I would go on to have 5 more sweet Shelties and then a gorgeous Collie that we adopted. She was an unbelievable dog. She was 8 when we adopted her and she was the gentlest dog and together her and I became a therapy duo and visited assisted living homes, read to children and even got visit a few hospitals. Her smile was infectious and everyone loved her.
Today I have one lovable Doodle named Emma and she is my best friend. She knows when I am sad, happy or just need to cuddle. I could never imagine my home without such love from a dog.
My love for dogs and photography is why I started Too The Dogs Photography.

My Inspiration: Emma

My little Emma stole my heart from the moment I first saw her, when I was photographing her and her nine brothers and sisters.
I simply couldn’t resist Emma’s fluffy blonde curls and big green eyes. I just had to take her home in my camera bag. That’s what you get when a dog-lover becomes a professional dog photographer!

To this day, 7 years later, I can still feel the unconditional love she has for me every day. 

Knowing how special our bond is, Emma inspires me every day to become a better photographer by capturing the special bond between my fellow Dog Moms and her fur babies. 

I promise to deliver these incredible moments shared between you and your pup during our session.

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You can trust me as your dog photographer …

From young pups to old pups, dogs of all abilities and special needs, untrained and trained dogs, I’ve photographed them all! No matter your puppy’s breed, personality, training level or unique needs, I’m always able to make it work and capture the special bond between you and your fur baby.

Anyone can take a “good” photo of your dog on a camera or even a smartphone, but what truly separates a hobbyist from a professional is the ability to marry location, textures, color, and lighting with your dog’s personality to compose a breathtaking image. I have over 30 years of experience creating and capturing those perfectly timeless images you’ll feel proud to display in your home for years to come.

Your unique style, perspective and tastes are of the utmost importance to me, which is why I take a collaborative approach with all of my clients to provide a dreamy end-product to meet your preferences. We will work together during the entire process, from the day of your photoshoot through editing, to choose the images that best resonate with you.

I pride myself on delivering beautiful images that capture the love and special bond between you and your pup, ensuring each and every image is perfect. During our photo shoot, I capture each and every moment to work cohesively together, and afterwards, all images are edited with consistent style, coloring and contrast. Directing, designing and creating your stunning artwork is absolutely the best part of my job.

I use professional Nikon and Fuji cameras and always come prepared to every shoot with a wide selection of lenses and lighting to ensure I capture every picture-perfect moment for you. Additionally, I actively invest in ongoing education and training to keep my skills sharp and learn the latest editing and photography techniques.

Too The Dogs Photography is the premier dog photographer for Orange County, Beach Cities and Los Angeles County, creating custom dog portraits for women who design their life around their dog.
I capture the special relationship between Dog Moms and their pups through beautiful, artistic photography, from newborn puppies to beloved senior dogs. Offering a variety of photo packages, I promise your final images will be something you cherish forever and remain timeless for years to come.

Ready to make memories?

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