Why I photograph dogs….

Too The Dogs Photography…

I am a dog photographer located in Orange County capturing the uncomplicated pure love and emotion of your dog.

Whether your story is in the beginning, middle or end your story of your friendship and bond with your dog are the memories you want to have and hold forever.

Your session is customized to your dog specifically and designed to tell your story.

In your CUSTOM photo session I will capture the little things your dog does and expressions he or she makes every day that bring you a laugh or smile.

Imagine that… artwork that can instantly bring you back to that warm and fuzzy feeling anytime and anywhere you look at it!

Fuzz to Fur

Have you just added the pitter patter of paws to your family?

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How it works…

Custom Photography

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Session Details

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Then fun starts creating beautiful artwork you will love.

Ready to make memories?

Yes… I am!

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